Atelier Emelia

They like to say that a bride should wear her wedding dress just as she would wear her favourite pair of jeans, freely and simply. For over 40 years, this vision of wedding dresses has made the success of Evelyne Delaroche, Chantal and Monique Joubert, the founders of the brand Cymbeline.

Today, they write a new page of the history of the wedding fashion, together with young talents, with their new brand ATELIER EMELIA PARIS. That is where they reinvent wedding dresses bringing their own inspiration to the tradition of the French Haute Couture.

An authentic know-how, a mastering of cutting and fitting and a creativity which endlessly flourishes. Valuing French know-how above all, they work with masters in craftsmanship such as the lace of Calais, the embroiderers of Villers Outréaux but also with the best Italian and Spanish weavers for mikados, tulle or silk organza. Their favourite material, Calais Lace that they endlessly shape with a modern twist.

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Anouk Gown

Wedding Dress Designer - Atelier Emelia
Atelier Emelia - Anouk Wedding Dress

Aurore Gown

Atelier Emelia - Aurore Wedding Dress
Atelier Emelia - Aurore Wedding Dress

Alienor Gown

Atelier Emelia - Atelier Wedding Dress

Amour Gown

Atelier Emelia - Armour Wedding Dress