October 16, 2020

How To Store Your Wedding Dress Safely!

Some tips to safely store your wedding dress as we navigate these uncertain times

There is no piece of clothing that carries quite as much emotional gravity or indeed a heavier price tag than your wedding dress. Searching for ‘the one’ can be a long process that involves lots of planning, multiple visits to see us at the store and A LOT of chat with your bridesmaids and family. It’s worth it though, as this will be the dress you hope to have one of the most enjoyable days of your life wearing.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has however changed the dynamic just a tad for our beautiful brides of 2020. The usual stresses of organising the big day probably seem minor compared to the challenges COVID19 has caused. From selecting new dates, to securing refunds, shifting suppliers and possibly one the most difficult for couples is shrinking the guestlist from their chosen number to 50, 25 or even less guests.

Aside from all these worries our brides are asking the same questions again and again over the last couple of months….How will I safely store my wedding dress??

Hopefully we can alleviate the stress and anxiety about storing your dress with some of tips from ourselves and our designers. So how are you going to make sure your gown stays in the best condition possible until your much anticipated wedding day eventually happens?

A fabric garment bag which we have provided you with is sufficient for up to 6 months or so, however anything longer, up to a year or more, we would recommend a special hard board bridal box. This will prevent creasing and protect your dress from sunlight, dust and moths.

Along with your dress box, acid-free tissue paper will protect it from discolouration and damp. This tissue paper can also be used between layers of your dress and help prevent any damage from zips, beading or crystals.

You also need to consider the style of the dress before settling on a bag or box. A heavily beaded dress or heavy luxurious fabrics can drop over time due to weight so storing it flat would be the best option here.

When you leave the store your dress will have hanging loops that will be placed around the hanger, this is to stop straps and shoulders stretching from fabric weight. Again make sure if you take any sneak peaks at your gown these are re attached around the hanger.

One of the most important points is to avoid any packaging made from plastic as it is not a breathable material and has the potential to cause discoloration as the fibres break down

Where to keep it is your next consideration. A lightweight dress can easily be stored in a wardrobe as long it is given space. Places to absolutely avoid is the attic or basement. Make sure the area where your wedding dress will live for a little while longer is cool, dry, has a consistent temperature and no direct sunlight.

Lastly your lovely accessories should be kept separate to your dress as any embellishments on a headpiece or veil can catch fabric and cause damage.

The planning, prepping and dreaming of your big day will continue for longer than anticipated but ladies remember this….a worldwide pandemic probably wasn’t on your list of things to worry about. However your big day will arrive, your marriage story will begin and what a heck of a story it is to tell.


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